Blocked Drain Clearance

Outside - Drainage

There are loads of reasons why a drain can get blocked, obstacles such as leaves, dirt, fats, oils and foreign objects flushed down the toilet can cause a blockage this can result in a serious odour smell, and a possible build up of water in the toilet leading to it over flowing, outside manholes leaking effluent through to a more serious problem of the sewer pipe being damaged or collapsing.

Plumber Quick have the experience and tools needed when you have this sort of emergency. We can manually problem a blocked drain or use our high power drain jets. We have drain CCTV cameras that we can use to see into the drain and pipe work to investigate what problems lay in wait within the pipework then from this information ascertain what the best course of action is.

We appreciate that this sort of problem isn’t one you want delayed so we always do our utmost to fix this as quick as possible and with the least amount of mess and fuss.

We can also fix, repair or install new guttering systems around your house helping to cut down on leaking or dripping guttering and downpipes which can lead to damp around your home.

If water mains have to be fixed, repaired or replaced we use pipe locating equipment to pin point the leak or pipe so if we have to dig up your garden or driveway we know exactly what parts to dig up thus minimising the mess and disruption.

We can also install, fix and re-run soil pipes.

If you would like a free no obligation home visit to discuss any drainage or guttering issues in Kent contact us today.